EKG Skillbuilders and ekgusa.com have been providing EKG interpretation training for academic and professional clients for over twenty years. Initially organized to meet the training needs of EMS and hospital based clinicians in our home state of Hawaii, we developed a nation-wide teaching schedule in 1991.

We are chosen by hospital and emergency medical services managers and allied health program administrators because we develop and implement teaching programs that work. Learners who successfully complete our workshops are able to demonstrate competence in analysis, comunication and documentation of cardiac arrhythmias.

We welcome any questions you may have concerning our programs and their relevance to your particular clinical environment. Please feel free to use the following list of clients and academic contacts for their evaluation of our EKG training programs.

Sincerely yours,
the ekgusa.com faculty
Sandy Gresham BSN, MEd
Charles Peshkin RRT, EMT-P

(Institutions listed are for identification purposes only)

John Saito, Dean, Allied Health
Mount Hood Comm. College
Edward J Kalinowski, MEd, DrPH Chairperson
Dept of Emergency Medical Services, Kapiolani Comm. College
Audrey Torres, Director, Nursing Education
Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific
Ron Sanderson, RRT, DrPH, Director
Cardiopulmonary Department, Castle Medical Center